Thursday, 17 January 2013

Countdown Verbier

I have always felt new year celebrations in big cities are usually a let down, clubs are over priced, the city is full of tourists, no one you know is in town, anyone who is cool has left to a sunny place and will soon come back and show off their tan. I much prefer a smaller scale town to celebrate this day. Well this year I decided to go back to Verbier to mark the beginning of 2013 and at the same time visit my brother who has been living there for the last six years. Verbier, I thought, will be idyllic this time of year, much more intimate than a big city, plus I can gaurentee a few good runs and not to mention the good food I can indulge in guilt-free from all the calories I've burnt. I was half right.

Morning Sunshine

New Years Eve turned out to be quite a frenzy. After finishing up our Raclette dinner at home, half an hour before the clock stroke 12, everyone who is in Verbier walks (or shall I say stumble) down to Place Centrale where we all gather together to begin our countdown. People are singing, dancing, and shouting out greetings to people they don't know. Ambulances are rushing to get to the man who is passed out on the curb. Almost everyone is holding a bottle of champagne, and you don't have to guess long that most of that champagne will not end up in anyone's stomach. May well be worth noting that one should not wear fur to this event. Imagine Koh Pangnan's Full Moon Party but in snow. If you have no one to kiss at midnight, do not worry, everyone is keen. My friend managed four.

Place Central just before 12'
We quickly and swiftly dodge the shower of Moet coming down upon us and headed to Farinet where we would spend the rest of our evening. I escaped London club prices just to be faced with an even more expensive entrance fee. 250chf down I was determined to have the most fun anyone could ever have. So I did.
Live Band in Farinet
If you do decide to go out to a club tonight (rather than stay in your chalet and have a private celebrations with friends), I would only recommend Farinet. This is where all the cool kids will be gathering. I believe half of South Kensington is here; which could be annoying for some, but seeing familiar faces made me feel immedietly at home. Refrain from paying double for the entrance fee of Farm Club tonight (in this occasion more expensive definitely does not mean more fun). Farm Club's best night actually is the night of the 30th December, as you can imagine, you have to know someone who knows someone. Think Morton's or Boujis in the Alps. But if you manage to get in, there is a sea of beautiful people inside having the best time of their lives. Singletons, if you are looking to hook up over the holiday there really is no better place. In fact you will have difficulty picking your top five. And the best thing is that everyone is keen to start up conversations with random people around them. Whether it is the fact that we are all a small knit community who have made it to this tiny mountain town that we immediately feel comfortable to people we don't know. None of that cold shoulders because I am definitely cooler than you. We are all here to ski and have a good time.

Left side of Farinet - spot the coconuts
For apres ski my favourite place is definitely Farinet. The beautiful thing about Farinet is that you have a choice on how you like to spend your apres ski - wild, crazy, topless girls and boys jumping up and down OR big lounge chairs, full cocktail bar, fireplace, table service and people who dress to impress. As you come in the main door you are faced with two more. Make a left for Shoreditch and a right for Chelsea. Or start in one and move over to the other, in any order you like, there are no restrictions! Do not worry that the right hand side might be too tame for you, the infectious of the left hand bar really seeps through as the evening goes on.

Right hand side of Farinet
Dawn is upon us and so we head down for a drink

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