Sunday, 27 January 2013

Culinary Singapore

I get so excited when ever I am in Asia because of all the food I am going to get to eat which I can't find in Europe. Singapore is home to some of my favourite Asian dishes because it is such a melting pot of Chinese, Malay, and Indian.

My friends who live in Singapore wanted to show me some real Singaporean food and all swear by Long Beach Seafood Restaurant. Entering the open air restaurant the atmosphere is noisy, buzzy and packed like any real Asian restaurants. I knew it had to be good. I have heard them talk about this chilli crab and pepper crab all afternoon and I'm finally going to get a taste. Long Beach apparently do the best crabs in town. (

Razor clams in soya sauce with glass noodles

BBQ Chicken Wings Singapore style

Buttered Prawns - so crunchy and oh so good

What we came here for - Pepper Crab

The one and only Chilli Crab
On the third night of our stay, I made reservations at a new restaurant called 'Andre'. My friend April had been before and was raving it about it to me. Seeing as she has given us great recommendations so far, I wasn't going to argue, even if I had my doubts. I've dined at Noma and numerous michelin star restaurants, it would take a lot to impress me now. The chef 'Andre' (who owns and runs the restaurant with his wife and a small team) is Taiwanese but moved to study cooking in France when he was 18. He had worked under numerous top chefs in France including Joel Robuchon and is now bringing fine French dining to Singapore. Tut, a Taiwanese guy cooking French food? C'mon.

Seafood risotto you could say
Shame on me. Shame on me indeed for judging before I tried. We arrived to the restaurant and were warmly greeted by staff at the door who knew exactly who we were before we uttered our reservation name. The restaurant is beautiful and very intimate with just 30 guests at max capacity. The staff spend time to get to know you and you get a sense from every single person that they are extremely passionate about food and really love what they do. I mentioned that I felt cold where I was sitting so our waiter brought me silk blankets they had prepared for this occasion.  I mentioned right at our very last course that we were celebrating my boyfriend's birthday and they still manage to get us a specially made cake with his name and a signed birthday card from the chef himself. In fact, all through out the night, the staff was two steps ahead of us, I never again had to ask for anything else. This is what I look for, very small attention to detail. The kind of details a lot of restaurants forget.

Andre only has a tasting menu only of 11 courses so we took it with matching wine. I am not exaggerating when I say that every single dish that came out was heavenly every bite I took. I finished every single course with no difficulty and with the greatest of pleasure. The wine too was ridiculously good, majority coming from less well known vineyards in France. If I could only put into words how good the food and wine was. It frustrates me that I can't tell you. You will just have to trust me on this one.

De-assembled Mars Bars, one of our 3 desserts
The only thing I would say is that it is not cheap. Our dinner was close to 600 pounds for the 11 courses and matching wine for two people. And I never thought I would say this, but I would pay 600 again to go back.
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