Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Fashion on the Piste

The one thing I love as much as skiing while on a skiing holiday is watching what people wear in these resorts. It is almost like a game, who can look more chic and more expensive? Go to St Moritz, Courchevel or Cortina and it's a sea of fur and Moncler. A bit cheesy and lame maybe? It is an expensive hobby to look that good but I have to say I love fashion in the snow.

Lately I have been obsessed with wearing all-white ski gear, it's so cute but I feel like maybe you need to be very skinny, tall and blonde to complete the look? Here are some of my favourite...

I would hate to run into someone wearing the exact same jacket or ski gear as me and therefore I never like the stock they have in Snow and Rock or any other high street store. Make the effort to do some research before you invest in something.

It is so hard to find good fitting ski pants. A lot of them tend to come quite baggy and not girly enough for me, but here are some I found that are super chic from

Most skis are very colourful, flashy, and full of funky animation. I prefer my skis very clean and simple, which unfortunately usually means that they are more expensive. Here are a few I love...

Ultra Fab - Zai Spada Skis

Zai Spada Skis

Bogner Gold Rush Skis

Luxury Alfred Dunhil Ski

Kastle Skis

Kastle Ski

I don't actually wear a helmet when I'm skiing, if you see a girl going down a questionable run with a pink-grey woolly hat that's likely to be me. Dangerous I know, but I have never found a helmet I liked so I stuck with my woolly hat. Fortunately, when I was in Verbier I finally found some ultra fab ski helmets from Bogner...

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