Friday, 18 January 2013

Pay It Forward with a Girl's Number

I couldn't believe my luck one summer evening. I went to a birthday BBQ and didn't really know anyone at the party except my girlfriends who invited me along. It was a sea of Swede. Can't say I have ever given Swedish men much thought but I now understand the hype. Tall, thick blond hair, deep blue eyes, amazing skin that tans so beautifully in the summer. Yea, I can have some of that.

Being quite shy as I am around new people, I spent most of the evening speaking to my girls. We were talking about one of the guys in particular in the group that was significantly above average on how hot men can go. He was half Swedish half Spanish. Blue eyes, brown hair, tanned skin, tall. You can't get a better mix. There were girls around him just mesmerised and trying to charm themselves into his pants. Too much competition and he definitely knows he's hot. Forget it.

This is the look
After the BBQ we headed to Bar Namlong. After a few drinks we finally start our first proper conversation. He asked me what I did and where I lived and we joked about something stupid which I now don't remember. He is actually nicer than I imagined him to be.

The group decided to go to a club so we all went outside for a taxi. I told everyone that I didn't feel like clubbing tonight and that I was going home. The SpanishSwede after hearing this jumps out of the car and said that he would walk me home (I told him earlier that I live a 10 minutes walk away). My girlfriend's eyes immediately shot straight to mine shouting in silence 'you lucky bitch, enjoy him!'.

The coolness which I had composed all night has now gone and I was getting quite nervous. We got to my door and he leaned in for a kiss. He waited for me to offer him to come in, which did not happen so he asked for my number and said he would text me next week so we could get a drink.

Three weeks had passed I hear nothing, and now realising all he wanted was 'bed' time. Do men only go for what is the easiest way in because he knew I lived close by? One Friday I was out at Brompton Club with some friends, and was at the bar waiting for a drink when I notice there were a pair of eyes following me around the room. The owner of those eyes then comes over and stands next to me and says hi. I turn around to meet those blue eyes belonging to the SpanishSwede! We stare at each other for what felt like a long awkward second and he shouts out 'oh! Julia!'. the guy who is hitting on me didn't realise he has hit on me before!
With a little bit of attitude and coldness I reply with a 'hello I am good' and a deliberate fake smile. He apologised for not texting and gave a lame excuse and promised he wants to take me out for coffee this weekend. We ended our conversation there when he introduced me to a friend of his. I start to chat to his friend who was too surprisingly good looking. His friend and I turned out to have quite a lot in common, and ended up having a nice chat. The SpanishSwede seeing this kept coming back to check on me and suddenly he's the one that has lost the coolness.

The next morning I receive a text from him arranging to meet for coffee. We met Sunday afternoon and had a nice chat, and he asked to see me again on Wednesday. Wednesday had arrived and I did not hear from him till 5pm. I told him I had already made other plans and that we can do something when I get back from my holiday.

Back from my holiday I text him to say let's go for that long overdue drink. No reply for days. What is it with boys and not replying to texts?! Annoys me so much. So I did something maybe stupid...I sent another text saying 'You do realise its only 5p per text right? A reply would have been nice'. (Ok crazy alarm ringing a little maybe).

The next day I get a reply from him saying that he had given my number to his friend (the one I got along with in the club) and that he thinks we would be a better match for each other! Hand me down, reject! I don't know whether to thank him for being honest or shout at him for being a douche. Us girls always say we want men to just be honest and upfront instead of giving the silent treatment or just disappearing all together. 'Just tell us the truth we can handle it!'. Can we really? Are we really ready for the sick truth that all they really want was an easy lay? And do men only go for what's most readily available and easy? The moment I told him I had made other plans, he just gave up. But then again, he is good looking enough that he has the luxury not to chase. Don't men enjoy the chasing though!?

Determined to find out what the hell is wrong with this boy, I turn to a Swedish girlfriend of mine to shed some light. "Darlin, I am Swedish and I would never go for a Swedish guy. There is a higher ratio of girls to boys in Sweden, so when you go to clubs, it will be the girls going up to guys, not the other way around like the rest of the world. Swedish guys are so used to getting attention from girls that many have forgotten on how to be a gentleman. Going on a date with a Swedish guy you will end up paying for the bill or if you are lucky he will offer to go dutch".

As for the friend, we did text me a few times but we ended up being just friends.

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