Sunday, 27 January 2013

The New Singapore

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Singapore has changed and transformed dramatically in the last 10 years. The financial sector really took off and is catching up with Hong Kong and there's no slowing down. I used to visit Singapore 6-7 years back and there was not much to see nor do apart from shop and one attraction which was the Singaporean Lion statue. Friends who live there would complain endlessly that there's nothing going on and nicknamed it Singabore.

The Fullerton Hotel

I went back to Singapore twice in 2012, and some parts were unrecognisable. The area that used to be bare land is now filled with high rises and odd-shaped buildings mostly belonging to investment banks, a couple of new hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs, shopping mall, casino, botanical garden and museum. The list is endless. Universal Studio also just opened its doors in 2011 and not to forget the F1 week. The futuristic tiny country now has a lot to offer and if the last time you went to Singapore and found that you ticked off the to see list after 5 mins of landing, then I would suggest you to go back again.

Science Museum
Sunset walk

Financial District

Louis Vuitton Island - the only LV store on water
My friend April recommended the Fullerton Bay Hotel to us so we went along. Do not make the mistake by booking The Marina Bay Sand Hotel (the three-legged hotel with the infinity pool). It may look good in pictures but the reality is that the hotel is full of big Chinese tour groups who come mainly for the casino and the new shopping centre. The pool is so busy, full of young children making way too much noise anyone would want on holiday. The Fullerton Bay however is a new sister hotel (opened in 2011) to the already prestigious The Fullerton Hotel. It has a much more boutique and intimate feel with a smaller number of rooms and it boasts a very cool roof top bar called Lantern. The staff here all know your name and remember who you are every time they see you in the corridor.

Complimentary Champagne at check-in because they thought we were on our honeymoon. We didn't correct them.

My favourite lounge bar in Singapore - Lantern
View from our room over looking Marina Bay Sands
Bath Time
Private pool
Marina Bay Sand Hotel infinity pool


Sippin' Margaritas
 Saturday night we went out to Pangaea Club in the Marina Bay Sands. We ended up partying there till 6am and was introduced to Eduardo Saverin of Facebook, who had a harlem of Asian girls around him.   I guess the movie was accurate on his preference of choice.

April and I at Pangeae

At the beach...soo hungover

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