Monday, 25 February 2013

Little Tokyo in Paris

Japanese people have an obsession for Paris like no other. Paris is bursting with Japanese people and tourists who idealize the city as the greatest in the world. Great for them, and for me, because Paris now has a Little Tokyo on Rue de St. Anne, (just off of Avenue de l'Opera) that is bustling with ramen restaurants, sushi bars, Japanese book store and a Japanese bakery. As much as Paris is a cosmopolitan city, I have always felt that Asian food has never really taken off there (I mean, French people are very proud of their food), unlike in London where we can get very good and quite authentic Asian dishes whether its Thai, Japanese or Vietnamese. So you can imagine my joy when I discovered there was a Little Tokyo in the centre of Paris. 

We stumbled upon a very busy restaurant where it's speciality was ramen, cha-han and gyoza. It was 4pm so we thought we had luckily avoided the lunch rush hour but the restaurant was completely packed and we queued for 15 minutes to be given a bar seat. We were soon to find out why. We sat down and ordered gyoza and cha-han (chinese fried rice) to share. Now, I have never hid my love for gyoza to anyone before, it is one of my favourite dishes when done correctly, and this place definitely got it right. They are one of the best gyozas I've ever had. Best part of all? It was fricken cheap compared to all the bistros and michelin places we have been going to. 
The kitchen and bar counter

The Gyoza King
Ridiculously good...
Gyoza & Cha Han

 After filling our tummy with gyoza we go and check out a Japanese bakery in the area. I know I know, how can you compare Japanese bakery with French ones. If you have ever been to Japan, you will understand my obsession and those that have not will be pleasantly surpised.

Various green tea pastries and cakes

Bread bun stuffed with Japanese curry...soo good
Next time you are in Paris and have seen all the usual attractions, I would definitely recommend you going here.

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