Tuesday, 19 February 2013

My First Indian Wedding

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Finally, after a 9 hour flight to Mumbai, a manic plane change, and 34 security checks later we arrive in Goa. India is great but Indian airports makes me want to shoot myself in the eyeball.

It's been on my list for so long to attend an Indian wedding so I am glad that I can now tick it off. We made some new friends at the wedding who are fricken nuts and made the whole experience that much more fun and crazy. 

Day one welcome BBQ on the beach...

Andreea wears dress from Haute Hippie & I wear Zara top and pants

Prash and I

The Groom!

The Groom and I

Post BBQ - Tito's Club

Day two is the Mehndi aka henna. Traditionally back in the day where there were no make up the bride would get her body painted to make her look more beautiful. Here was where we saw the most beautiful saris and lehenga, but I was too shy to ask people to take their pictures :( 

Fashionably late to the Mehndi Night

Dress from BCBG Runway Collection
Bride and Groom
Getting my henna done

Various booths to get your henna done
The Bride
Pink & Green 
Andreea wears dress from Haute Hippie, clutch from store in Delhi
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Prash and pretty lady
More dancing

After the Mehndi/Henna party we head to an outdoor club called 'Cubana' that funnily looks a lot like a safari jungle. The club is at the top of a hill and over looks the grounds below. The boys still in their Indian outfits and us in our long dress gowns and high heels, we hiked up a few minutes before arriving but its all worth it for the cool vibe and the 2 random swimming pools in the middle. Probably not the most ideal attire to be partying in but to hell with it, we were in no mood to go home and change. After getting into 5 different fights with the staff and bouncers for being too obnoxious we decided it was time to go home.

Prash demanding 10 bottles of champagne but only if we can spray it

The wedding day had arrived and Andreea and I ran around the hotel looking for someone to help us put on our sari. Thankfully a nice gentleman who has a shop in the hotel agreed to dress us.

The Groom arriving

The Bride arriving

My green accessories

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