Friday, 22 February 2013

Ramen in Soho: Bone Daddies

In 2004 I lived in Japan for a year as an exchange student and my love for Japanese food grew. Ramen is one of the most popular dishes in Japan, there is a whole world of craftsmanship behind making the best ramen noodles and broths that is passed down many generations. Famous ramen vendors claime to have have secret ingredients and recipes on how to prepare the dish. There are a lot of "Rameniacs" in Japan who go around tasting the best ramens the country has to offer.

So when I heard that the ex chef from Zuma and Nobu opened a Ramen restaurant in Soho I was eager to try. I ventured there on a freeeezing Thursday with my flatmate Theresa who I thank god everyday for giving me a flatmate who adores food as much as I do. Tummy growling and ready to get tucked in we find that there is a queue, so we wait patiently for 15 minutes, which was not bad considering there were 3 tables in front of us.

Packed at lunch!
Hungry eaters
Both Theresa and I ordered the Tantanmen (spicy chicken broth with minced pork) and I added extra condiments: cock scratching (lol yes), seaweed, and pulled chicken. We got our bowls within 7-10 mins after ordering which is great if you are on a lunch break.
'I always need to tie my hair before I start indulging in Ramen' Theresa said. Funny she should say that because on the table there are free hair bands for you to use so that nothing gets in the way of you and your food. This is my kinda place.

Tantanmen with extra nori, cock scratchings and pulled chicken

Overall it was very good, the first 10 bites were the best I have to say, after that I was struggling to finish it as it is quite a generous serving. The soup felt a bit thick and oily which actually stopped me from doing what I usually do when I eat noodles, which is to pick the bowl up and drink the soup straight. Apart from that I thought everything else was great - the service was very friendly and efficient, the condiments on the tables such as fresh garlic, sesame seeds made me feel like I was in Japan again. Belly full, warmed up, we ventured outside into the cold again to catch the tube home.

Crushing garlic into my soup

Sesame and Garlic
Unfortunately I didn't get to try any of the starters this time but I hear the BBQ ribs and the fried chicken is amazing. There's always a next time..

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