Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Amazing Restaurants in Israel

If you think you know what humus tastes like from purchasing it in a UK supermarket, then think again. The humus in Israel is just something else, so amazingly smooth in texture and the taste is just more defined. We went to a tiny cafe for a quick bite in Old Town Jerusalem that was known to have the best humus. 

Couldn't resist a dunk before taking a pic
Where do we begin?
We ate at a dozen restaurants in Israel but there are two which I will tell you about. The first one is a new mediterranean restaurant that opened in Jerusalem called 'Machneyuda' which means market in hebrew. Since opening in 2010 the restaurant received outstanding reviews and now has a 2 month waiting list. We manage in the last minute to get a table at the chef's table that over looks the kitchen because luckily 'we knew someone who knew someone'. 



Our seats overlooking the kitchen
The restaurant's menu changes weekly and the 3 chefs all get their ingredients from the market two minutes walk away. Everything here is so fresh and delicious. Because we got to sit at the chef's table we spent the entire night speaking and getting to know them. They are very passionate about what they do and you can see it when you taste. At the chef's table you do not get to look at the menu. He will talk to you and decide what you might like. We got six courses of starters, meats, fish, pastas, and dessert. By the end we really struggled to finish our 3 storey dessert. This is by far one of my favourite dining experiences and would highly recommend it to anyone who is in Jerusalem.

Meat course for 3  
Theresa and I with our favourite chef

Three-storey dessert - heaven

On our last night in Tel Aviv we decided to go to North Abraxes after hearing so much about it. Stupidly, we did not make any reservations so we had to wait about 45 mins for a seat in the bar downstairs. There is an upstairs dining room but that's not where you want to be, all the fun and rampage goes on downstairs. The bar where we sat surrounds the kitchen so we could see all the chefs cooking. Most of the food are served on brown paper plate mats to give a humble and organic feel. The man behind the restaurant is Eyan Shani who is Tel Aviv Time Out chef of the year and also a judge on Master Chef. 

Signature: Soft baked cauliflower 
The staff are friendly, fun, young and passionate about food. At one point in the evening they started having so much fun working that they were singing and started throwing plates on the floor! They handed me one and I too smashed it right down. Greek style! Awesome, even if I don't get dessert I'd still be happy tonight.  If you ever are in Tel Aviv I would highly recommend you going here, the food is so good, so fresh and the vibe is just so much fun. 

Theresa's favourite dish: Moroccan Sea bass

Paper mats to eat on
Barak & Andreea
Souvenirs I brought back from Israel

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  1. The souvenirs are really cute.. and now I really want a 3 storey dessert omg!!