Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Alhambra - Granada

We took a day off of skiing to go visit Granada and Alhambra, which is a Muslim Palace/Fortress built in 889 mostly by the Arabs and Berbers of Morocco. Needless to say, Saad, a true Berber was feeling very proud that day.

The night before visiting Alhambra we had dinner at a restaurant in the Old Town called El Huerto de Juan Rana that overlooked the palace at night. It may possibly be one of the most stunning views to have dinner to, very romantic. Although the conversation in the room was mostly nasty boy talk (thank god for private dining room) which I will not mention here, but it did kill the romance factor a little bit. The menu is a fusion between Moroccan and Spanish food, and the restaurant makes you feel like you are eating in a Riad.

View from our private dining room
Our dining room
Truffled lamb

My black pudding
After dinner we went for a boogie...Alvaro turned up at the hotel at 7am next day, we needn't ask how he's feeling.

Bar Aliatar - used to be an old theatre but now converted into a bar...awesome place

Andreea and Alvaro
Passing the shots around...the beginning of the end
In a good mood
All feeling slightly hazy and hungover we head over to tour around Alhambra. I have to give it to the Arabs, they really built a magnificent and breathtaking place here. The details in the architecture and design would blow you away.

Spanish couple getting married 

This room faces the direction of Mecca

'There is one winner. And the winner is Allah'
Proffesional Posers



View from Alhambra: Sierra Nevada in the distance

Tour done we run back to the car and drive fast to catch our flight from Malaga.

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