Thursday, 14 March 2013

An Afternoon in Petra

While we were in Israel we decided that we had to visit Petra. We took an awfully early flight from a very small airport from Tel Aviv to go to Eilat. Israeli airports have very tight security, so strict it's verging on extremely annoying. We were questioned why we were going to Jordan (an Islamic country), whether I had Muslim friends, where I met these friends, where I came from, what do I do, why did I travel to Dubai and Morocco in the past and if I met anyone there blah blah blah. I just want to see Petra goddamit leave me alone! Somehow my passport set off an alarm for finding traces of drugs on it. Eff sake. So along I go to a room where a women strip searches me and finds nothing, obviously.

Finally get on the propeller plane and I am finally able to relax. Not. No human can relax on a plane like this. How is it even flying?

Driving to Petra

We finally land in Eilat (a town in Israel boarding to Jordan) to drive across the boarder on a bus. We drove for around 4 hours to get to Petra. The drive was beautiful. I've never been in this middle east before so seeing the scenery was pretty amazing. If I thought that was beautiful, there would be no words to describe Petra.

The Path into Petra
Path to Petra
keep walking....
There it is!
Standing there you really see the sheer size of it, and it really blows your mind that human beings made this hundreds of years ago with out the help of machinery. The details in the art and sculpting is unbelievable. 


Satisfied that we have now seen Petra we head back on the bus to Eilat where we catch an evening flight back to Tel Aviv. Another flight, another super annoying security check. This time they kept me for 45 minutes I nearly missed my flight. I swear for them its an ego trip to be able to feel like they can keep you interrogated for that long.

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