Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Home For Easter - Big Sky, Montana

After 16 hours of flight time, 2 hours of driving time, 5 hours of transit time, 2 plane changes, 3 flights, and 2 disgusting airplane food, an airport burrito (best part of the journey), I finally am home. This time I've come home to Big Sky, Montana to visit my parents whom spend their winter months here skiing. Big Sky is a ski resort less well known than the ones in Denver, which also means that it is much quieter and perfect if you don't care about 'being seen'.

 My instagram moment up in the air: Washington DC-->Denver

Bozeman Airport, MT
Landing in Bozeman
Seeing the surroundings makes me remember that the long and horrific flight is worth it after all...

driving home
View from living room

Robert (my brother) and my dad wasted no time and they started making adjustments to our ski bindings so that they would be ready to ski the next day. I don't know, all these tools look the same to me but this is my dad's favourite corner of the house.

 After some lunch Robert and I decided to go for a walk...

We dropped by the ski shop because both him and I wanted to buy new skis. It is all too overwhelming for me so I went home empty handed..

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  1. So beautiful!! My dream is to have a log cabin in the Rockies some where :)

    1. Great dream! I would love to visit Rockies sometime