Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Lend A Hand Charity

I always tell myself I want to do more for charity but as usual I never get around to it. So last week I decided it was only right to attend a charity event that Ani and Sahal invited me to. They set up Lend-A-Hand-India (LAHI) UK last year, but have been involved with the charity since its inception in New York back in 2005.

Lend-A-Hand was set up in 2005 when Raj & his wife Sunanda decided to do something worthwhile that would help the poor in rural India.  My friends Ani and Sahal joined him on that quest and now 7 years on the charity has grown and raised over 750,000 pounds so far. It may sound like a lot but in charity terms it really is not and they are still looking for more donations to help fund new projects to equip over 20,000 children from rural India with jobs and life skills. 

Last night Lend-A-Hand hosted a small pub quiz night to raise awareness and it was a great opportunity for them to introduce the charity to their friends. Being competitive as I am, I took the quiz very seriously despite knowing only one answer to all of the questions. Luckily I had team members that are a lot smarter than I am. Who the hell knew that a collective name of a group of flamingos are called flamboyance?! Let's just say I donated, laughed, and learned a lot last night. 

Everyone sitting in their teams...
My team: Lyn scribbling down answers while we tuck into some food

Ani and Raj of Lend A Hand
If you are interested in helping this cause please sign up to their newsletter here and you can join me and my friends on their next event in London. It is not only a lot of fun and a great chance to meet new people but it is also for such a great cause. We get up to a lot of sin and naughtiness in London, you need to do something else to counteract that!

If you are feeling generous then you are able to make a donation online here.

Please sign up and hopefully I will meet you at their next event! 

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