Thursday, 21 March 2013

Making Takoyaki!!

When I lived in Japan back in 2004 I discovered a Japanese street food called Takoyaki. I have been sitting here for the last 20 minutes thinking about how to describe this in a way that would sound enticing to you, but which ever way I say it, it just doesn't sound good. So just keep an open mind and the photos should hopefully give you a better idea but I promise that it tastes ridiculously good. 

Takoyaki are round balls/dumpling made from flour and the inside is stuffed with octopus, and is topped with numerous condiments such as seaweed and a special takoyaki sauce. I know what you are thinking, 'octopus balls? That sounds gross'. I've just read that line myself and cringed a little, but whatever, let's move on. Cooking takoyaki at home meant that I had to take a trip to a Japanese supermarket to get all of the ingredients and order a specially made takoyaki pan from Ebay. Yes I love this dish that much to go through all this effort, mainly because takoyakis are so hard to come by in London. 

The pan I ordered from Japan on Ebay
A few key ingredients and toppings
Pouring in the batter
Put in the fillings: ginger, tempura scraps, octopus

Turn the balls 90degrees after 5 mins

Slowly turn them another 90degrees

Top with Takoyaki Sauce

..then top with Japanese mayonnaise and seaweed sprinkles

Amazeballs: lastly top with fish flakes 
It is served blazing hot so be careful taking your first bite! They are slightly crunchy on the outside, but the magic all happens inside where it is so soft and gooey with a bite of octopus. If you don't like octopus then substitute with prawns :)

YoSushi also serves this dish on their menu, but whatever you do, do not order it! They are frozen ones and are horrible.

So what do you think? They are a huge hit in Asia but do you think this could become the next big thing in the UK?

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  1. You did a good job recreating them. Almost makes me want to try them again! Thinking of going to Japan in me there? Emilie

    1. I've been wanting to go back to Japan for the longest time! Really miss it! Are you planning on going alone for holidays?

  2. I was in Japan recently and loved Takoyaki!
    I'm going to buy a Takoyaki pan for someone as a gift, but can you tell me the recipe? I might add all the necessary condiments as part of the pressie! xx

    1. They are a ball of amazingness aren't they! Takoyaki pan would be such a great gift.
      When I did my takoyaki I got the recipe from a japanese girl on youtube. she's amazing and so easy to follow.
      check her vdo for takoyaki here. hope this helps!! xx