Saturday, 30 March 2013

On The Slopes With My Family

As some of you know, I am spending my easter break skiing in Montana with my family. The last time I skied in Big Sky ski resort I came over the Christmas and New Year holidays and remembered it being sooo cold (-20) to the point that I didn't even enjoy the skiing itself. I was constantly grumpy and moaning that I couldn't feel my fingers and toes anymore. I grew up in Phuket, so I really hate feeling freezing.

This time I am here in March, and oh boy, what a difference 2 months make! The sun is shining, the sky is clear, and it's so warm while I am skiing that I feel the need to take off a layer and ski with out gloves. Reminds me of skiing in Spain again.

The early riser Robert shows off his multitasking skills by doing warm ups and having breakfast before we hit the slopes...

Starting point: skiing out of the house

Starting point
Daddy ski, Julia ski, Robert ski
I am obsessed with Robert's goggles!! 

Robert and I
Daddy on his telemark, and Robert on his GS skis

The great thing about skiing in America are the trees. This is something that Europe lacks. It is so beautiful when you ski through the trees, and so much fun when you play spot the animal footprints in the snow :)

Mommy and I

Got the whole run to myself :)
Life is good
Later in the afternoon I met up with Robert and my Dad (who had been skiing off piste all morning) to go up the Tram to 11,000ft, the highest point of the resort. The queue is a little tedious but it's all worth it when you get up there. Great if you are bored and have done all of the other runs available. There are only black runs down from here and I really felt my muscles starting to ache, badly. So unfit I am.

Been in line for 20 minutes and getting bored
Here comes our tram! 
View from the very top
Legs shaking and wobbling after that last run, I am determined to go back with stronger quadriceps and rip it. Good thing I have another week here. 

The beautiful Lone Peak

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  1. some of those photos are mine! Fun times!