Monday, 11 March 2013

Shall I get a dog?

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My flatmate Theresa and I have been thinking of getting a little dog for awhile. We both follow Boo the dog on Instagram and shriek with joy when there's a new photo update. I've never been very lucky with pets growing up in Phuket. My pet rabbits got eaten and attacked by our dogs,  our dogs got poisoned by the people in my village because they didn't like them dogs, my hampster ran to hide behind the fridge and never came back, my monkey hated me (despite my infinite love for it) and ran away after 3 days to the forest behind my house (or at least that's what my mom told me).

Smiling :)

Boo and friend

Imagine how great it would be that every time you walked through the door you know there is something that is sooo fricken happy and excited to see you. All your ideas would be the best idea in the world from now on.  Ok maybe that is a very one sided view of having a dog, I am probably forgetting the daily walks, toilet routine, vet charges, and a nanny for the dog if we are both on holiday. It's a lot of responsibility and it's kind of a full time job, and I would feel so guilty if I didn't give it enough care.

Teacup pup
Toy Yorkie
So now I am confused as always, I really want a dog but I am scared I won't be a good enough owner. But I am older and wiser now, I know not to squeeze it so hard when I hug it. If anyone has advice please let me know! x

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