Monday, 4 March 2013

Skiing in Spain - Sierra Nevada

The best thing about skiing in Sierra Nevada (Andalucia) has got to be the weather. The sun is blazing down on you all day, the skies are clear, and it's so warm you will probably have to unzip your jacket at some point. However, despite the warm weather, it does not affect the condition of the snow. I skied in Sierra Nevada last year too and the snow in both occasions were some of the best I've skied in Europe, so fluffy and oh so soft.  Plus, the runs are wide and empty, you literally have the whole mountain to yourself. Gone are the days where you queue for 15 mins for each lift, more like 15 seconds.

The only down side with this super sunny resort is that you are bound to get a goggle tan if you don't wear sunscreen...which I never do. So yes, we all got goggle tan. That look may be quite cool on the slopes but back in London you just look like a monkey.

No queues at ticket office
First lift of the day
Sierra Nevada
Clear Sky
Look at that layer of cloud!

This is as busy as it gets 

The apres ski in Spain is all about beer, rioja, Tinto de Verano (red wine & sprite mix, sshhh don't tell the French!) and the best part - tapas! In the south of Spain, tapas is given to you for free when you order a drink or a round of drinks. Each new round of drinks you order, you will get a new set of tapas.  Being the food obsessed that I am and feeling starving after 5 hours of skiing, I couldn't gulp down the drink fast enough so we can get our second serving of tapas. It was quite exciting really because you don't know what they will serve you next. Thankfully the boys drank pretty fast so the dishes kept rolling.

My Vodka Tonic
Tapas no.3
Tapas no. 5
Feels good to take my boots off!
Another great thing about Spain is that you get such good food for next to nothing. I felt like I was robbing every tapas bar we went to. I only ordered one drink and you want to give me all this food?! I mean, I'll take it but man they should do this in London. 

Deep fried sheep's brain in garlic.....mmm not for me but it was a hit
Tapas no2: ate it so quickly I forgot to take pic in the beginning
Tinto de Verano aka red wine and Sprite
Getting tipsy

On our last night Carlos suggested we have dinner at one of his favourite restaurants in the resort. He too is a foodie and has been educating me about food in Spain. Apparently food in the north of Spain is the best in the country, so we are planning another gastronomic trip to San Sebastian...just wait and see.

Foie Gras and goat's cheese
Onion Soup

Salt covered Dorado fav
Spanish bull meat!
We were stuffed but still wanted to share dessert
Belly full we are ready to go out into the cold and slip on ice on our walk home

Adios, until next year! x

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