Monday, 1 April 2013

Easter Fox!

It's Easter Sunday but there are no bunnies in sight. However we woke up to a fox outside our kitchen window eating left over food that my mom threw out. My mom always throws out food on to our porch to feed whatever animals that are near by, usually crows and fox but she has seen bears (in the summer) and bison come by from time to time. I wasn't lucky enough to see the latter but I was happy just with the fox. They usually come at night but this little foxy I guess was hungry and couldn't wait till night fall.

I moved as quietly as I could in the house to get a good angle without scaring her off. (It looks like a girl fox to me). She saw me and stepped away from the food and we had a starring competition for a few minutes. When she felt I was safe she came back to the food and started taking tiny bites like a chelsea girl who doesn't eat. She is so shy she doesn't like people watching her eat. So I walked away pretending to leave but actually keeping her insight at the corner of my eye. When she was full (or maybe she didn't like the rice my mom left out for her) she ran back into the trees again.

Yum! Food! 
Oh no the human saw me! 
What does the human want? What is that thing she's holding in her hand? 
Hmm she doesn't seem to mind that I come closer
Gotta look proud. I'm coming in
Yippee I win! 
I wonder what else we will see this week. West Yellowstone Park is not too far away so it is natural that there are so many wild animals roaming about. The other we saw a moose grazing as we were driving up to the house.

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