Tuesday, 2 April 2013

"Nice" America

You know you have lived in the UK for too long when your natural response is 'What's it to you?' to a supermarket check out girl greeting you with a 'Hey guys! How are y'all doing today?' as you come through the door. And for a few minutes you genuinely think it's totally weird that she was sincere about how my day was going. The thing is, it's not just her, it's everyone; the baker, the electrician, the waiters (ohh don't let me get started on the waiters/waitress), the guy who handles the ski lift, the guy who sells tickets. Everyone. Everyone is so friendly here and it makes me realise how grumpy and reserved we are in the UK. We do not dare even think about starting up full on conversations with a stranger. That's preposterous! Are you mad.

Tree skiing

Not a speck of cloud
The other day we got on a ski lift and a women asked if she could join us on the chair and my dad told her yes. My brother (who lives in a mountain town in Switzerland) spoke to her all the way to the top. I wasn't really paying attention to their conversation, I was busy listening to music. When we got off the lift and she went her way, my dad told me something that blew my mind. 'She's a Mountain Host. She gets paid to ride ski lifts and be friendly with people, start chatting to them and helping them if they have any questions about the mountain. They are all dressed in that green jacket you saw.'

'What? Are you trying to be funny or is this serious?'
'I'm being completely serious Julia'
'So you are telling me that this ski resort has paid this lady along with a few others to ride on ski lifts and chat and be friendly to people' I asked to make sure I was getting this right.
'That's crazy. I've never heard of such a thing'
At which point Roberts interrupts and said 'That's because you live in London Julia'

Well he may be right but I love London for its ugly and beauty. However, after two weeks in America I  have to say, think I'm getting softer, I am starting to enjoy these friendly greetings and don't find them annoying anymore. 

Pictures here are random photos from this trip so far..

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