Friday, 26 April 2013

Sun is Out: L'ETO Belgravia

Fiiinaaalllllyyy the day has come where the weather has reached above 20 degrees!! Just when I was losing hope, it has given light to my day like an abusive boyfriend coming home with flowers. I decided to make good use of today so I pick up my phone to call Deniz. "Come and meet me for lunch, we have to go outside it's beautiful!".

In Heaven
I already knew where I wanted to eat, I'd walked passed it numerous times on Fulham Road but never had the chance to go in and now they have opened a new branch 10 minutes walk from my house in Belgravia. If you are a fan of Jak's Cafe on Walton Street or the Ottelenghi chains then you will love this. L'Eto is a small cafe that serves a variety of desserts that will make you feel like you have gone to heaven. If sweet isn't what you are after then they also have a sit down breakfast and lunch menu and a ready to eat food counter.

Deniz already had lunch so he picked something from the dessert counter which proved to be very difficult so we ended up with two...

Their famous Honey Cake; one of our picks

Our second pick - the apple was so moist and sweet

I am not a big truffle fan but all these look really good

 I on the other hand hadn't had lunch and wanted something to eat before I go straight to dessert. I decided to pick something out from the ready to eat counter but the menu did look very good. L'Eto has a total of 5 chains and not all of them serve food, some have more desserts than others, some has more food. This chain in Belgravia has more food than any of the other chains, so make sure you check what your local one offers to avoid disappointment.

Fish & meat section

Veg and Salad section
The best picks: Aubergine salad, wild rice & egg plant 

After lunch we went for a walk in Hyde Park to digest...

I got obsessed over this tree...spring is here!

Jacket:Zara, tank top:Primark, Skirt:unknown, Bag:Chanel, Shoes: Ferragamo

It's a bird...and a plane!

Nude: Salvatore Ferragamo

Instagram moment

Good bye sun, come back soon! x

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