Friday, 10 May 2013

A Pleasant Surprise: Day 1 Marrakech

"What a great way to celebrate your Birthday Ani" Neha exclaimed as we arrive to our new home. We knew we had booked an amazing villa in Marrakech but the saying 'photos really doesn't do it justice' has never been more appropriate. There have been only a few moments in my life where I have ever felt like 'I must get rich' and this was one of them. I am usually very content with what I have and who I am. This villa caused greed, envy and gluttony for all of us as we walked through the doors but at the same time it made us more motivated than ever before to become successful.

After claiming our favourite rooms in the house the staff notified us that it was time to sit down for lunch. Still beaming to be away from London's grey we all sat smiling as we ate and talked about buying this house or possible business ideas we can invest in to own something like this. The more we drank, the wilder our dreams got and so did our desire to succeed.

Home made strawberry sorbet

With our stomachs satisfied with a home cooked meal and mind satisfied with several bottles of wine, we head over to the pool for some fun and games.

Saad walking to the pool 

A few more drinks by the pool...

Hermes playing cards we found in the house

Bringing us our afternoon tea and cakes

Playing 'who can run the fastest?'

 By late afternoon we retreated back into our rooms to take a quick nap before dinner. We had found that the staff had come to turn down our beds and sprayed on an intoxicating pillow mist that made us all sleep like babies almost missing our dinner. You can judge a man's wealth by the quality of his mattress, pillows and sheets. And oh boy, was this man wealthy. When you sleep in this bed you will lose yourself and your soul will get sucked into the sea of softness. Never will you want to awake again.

Finally with a lot of strength we all got out of bed for a shower and got dressed to go out for Ani's Birthday dinner at Fugo De Chao a Brazillian BBQ restaurant. Unlike any other Fugo de Chao chains in the US, the one in Marrakech has shows and performances through out dinner as well as an electro DJ that gets the place pumping. We got one of the best tables in the house, in fact our table was part of the stage. Performers, belly dancers, salsa dancers, fire starters strut their stuff up and down our table through out the night. This is a super fun night out if you do not feel like clubbing.

Finally dressed
Dress: Juicy Couture Bag&Shoes: Charlse and Keith

Still hungry then leave your card on yellow. Full? Flip it over.

That's my 'I am having so much fun' face

More meat please! 
Awful pic of me but i'll allow it...getting a little tipsy

Ani's surprise cake

Being himself

It's been a long day so after some laughs we head back home and comatised in our marshmallow beds till dawn.

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