Wednesday, 8 May 2013

An Ordinary Day in Agadir

I am not going to lie I am not a big fan of Agadir and it's beach. (sorry Saad!). The city's coast line is infested with all inclusive 5 star resorts accommodating sunburnt European tourists looking for a cheap beach escape. Do I dare say the majority of the tourists are a little chav-y looking too? Well I wouldn't be wrong if I did. You know the type that wears socks with flip flops? Them. Obviously there are some posh ones too but I soon realised that they only stay within the hotel premisses and do not wander out.

The sand at Agadir's long strip of beach is very soft which I love however the dark brown colour puts me off a little. The air feels dusty in general because it is not too far from the desert. Okay maybe I am being a little unfair, I grew up on the white sandy beaches of Thailand so I should cut Morocco some slack. After all the city is packed full of tourists so they all can't be wrong. The Moroccans are very proud of their beaches, as anyone should be of their country.

So at least the water must be warm since we are in Africa after all, right? Wrong, the water is freezing cold because Agadir shares the Atlantic Ocean's coast. Excellent.

What's wrong with this picture? Everyone is fully clothed! 
 Luckily for me I was staying at Saad's house so I lived a very local lifestyle while I was there, not a touristic one, which was in fact amazing. There's not much to do in Agadir apart from the beach (which we have now establish was not an option for me) but as I was with a local who knew all the right spots to be, we managed to fill in our time.

We wake up at 9am and drive down to the beach to get some morning sun and breakfast at Agadir's oldest and most famous beach restaurant called 'Jour et Nuit'. A typical breakfast consists of coffee, eggs, Moroccan bread and roti, honey, some cream cheese and not to forget mint tea.

Delish Moroccan coffee

Jour et Nuit Cafe
After breakfast we went to get my dress slightly tailored. Karim (Saad's cousin) recommended this place to us and says in his strong accent 'The best Italian tailor in town!' It costed me 4 pounds to alter 3 dresses.

Then off we go home for a long lunch followed by an afternoon nap. At 4pm we went to get a coffee with a group of Saad's friends and family at the Sofitel Hotel.

Tea at the Sofitel

One of Saad's friends suggested that we go watch the sunset at an Eco-Friendly lodge he discovered not too long ago 20 mins drive from Agadir. We trusted him and along we went. "They use only solar energy and have no televisions in the rooms. Guests are supposed to feel disconnected from the world" Hicham said as we drove into the mountains.

The Atlas Kasbah is very simple yet beautifully decorated hotel with Berber influence. It stands at the top of a hill in the Atlas Mountain range and over looks the grounds below. It has hosted a lot of famous figures who find their strict rule of no cameras allowed an advantage. (I was naughty and took a lot of pictures for you to see when they were not looking).

Sun has set so we head back home for dinner and bed. Same again tomorrow!

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