Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Best Japanese Eats in London

Japanese food is possibly one of my favourite cuisines, if I had to choose between it and Thai food we would be here awhile. Thankfully no one should ever have to choose one or the other. Today I want to share with you my favourite places to eat when I am craving this meal.

Cheap and Cheerful: If you fancy some sushi or grilled fish but want to go low key and pay a bill that will not keep you up all night then there are these great places that I would recommend.

Eat Tokyo: Huge sushi menu, set lunch/dinner menu and variety of grilled fish and seafood. There are very limited seatings here so you may have to queue or try avoiding busy periods. The only criticism I have about this place is that they don't serve Japanese rice, but sadly just normal long grain rice that is significantly cheaper. They have four chains so find one near you: Trafalgar Square, Notting Hill, Golder's Green, Holborn (Edokko). $

Kappa: Located in Earl's Court this is one of my favourite spots. As you walk in, the smell of Japan hits you in the nose. Order a miso black cod here for just 12GBP! (Those of you who have eaten at Nobu or Zuma will know what I mean. This dish usually markets at around 35-45GBP at these two establishments). In fact, the chef here used to work both Zuma and Nobu so you know he knows what he's doing. Also you must get the seared tuna "maguro tataki"....amazing. $$

Miso Black Cod at Kappa

Dozo: Located in South Kensington this eatery is elegantly decorated. The menu is huge here so you are bound to find whatever it is you are craving for whether it's caviar or sea urchin. They do great rolls here too. $$

Dozo's tuna tartar
Special Occasion: Celebrating something happy or want to have something more special than just a place california roll then head to these places

Chisou: Mmm when I think of Chisou my head just fills up with different images of food. They do a mouth watering Wagyu seared steak (dribble), scallop sashimi, and my favourite is the truffled infused sushi roll. The menu is big and a little intricate so make sure to spend a good 15 minutes reading what they have before ordering just the standard stable. Chains: Knightsbridge, Mayfair and Chiswick. $$$

Yashin: This place prides itself for having sushi that tastes so special that you shouldn't or wouldn't want to ask for soya sauce. When you see their menu you will understand why. No I wouldn't put soya sauce with foie gras or truffle either. Some people don't like this place, but I really enjoy their creativity although it is a little pricey for the quantity you are getting. $$$$

no soya needed
Going All Out: Really celebrating something special weather you are trying to impress a girl, take your in laws out for dinner or a birthday.

Umu: Kyoto style fine dining. This is nothing like you have ever tried before, this possibly is my favourite Japanese restaurant in London. A very creative sushi menu and the amazing lobster sashimi. They also serve Wagyu steak cooked on hot stone at your table. Looking around the restaurant you will see that the clients are different from what you see in Nobu or Zuma. No one here has come to 'be seen' but they have come for the food. Not a lot of people know of this place, I think they have tried to keep a relatively low profile. Located in a quiet mews you would never have guessed that their was a restaurant there. $$$$$


Dinings: I am ashamed to say that I still have not been to Dinings but I feel it would be wrong if I didn't list this on here. I have spoken to dozens of people who swear that this place hands down serves the best sushi in London. Reservations are hard to come by so make sure you book way in advanced. Three Japanese ex-chefs from Nobu. Soon I will try... $$$$

Something Different: Let me introduce you to a new Japanese dish called Okonomiyaki. This dish hails from Osaka and is something like a Japanese pizza/crepe. I have no idea if that sounds good to you or not but you have to trust me when I tell you that it is ahhmaayzzing. They do all the cooking in front of you at your table (don't confuse this with teppanyaki) so it is actually really fun lunch/dinner out. Great if you are on a first date, you are guaranteed to have something to talk about.

Obeno: Is a an okonomiyaki only restaurant. Don't go here if you want sushi or ramen. The food is so good and it is also a great experience over all. Only downside is your clothes might smell a little after you leave. $$

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  1. we love eat tokyo! It is possible to call and reserve tables if you know what time you'll pop by, so that's a good way to avoid having to wait for a table. :) xx

    1. Thanks for the tip! I love that place too :) x

  2. Wrong name of Okonomiyaki restaurant Abeno, not Obeno. But Okan in Brixton Village Market is much better taste and value than Abeno. Please try Okan if you have never been to. (from Japanese in London)