Thursday, 9 May 2013

Day Trip to Taroudannt and Taghazout

After a few lazy days in Agadir we decided that I must see the surrounding area of the south of Morocco.

We got up early on a sunny morning and drove to Taroudannt an ancient city that Marrakech was actually designed after. The city is small and dusty with very few tourists roaming around. Truly Moroccan. There are no supermarkets, fast food joints or even proper restaurants. Everything is locally made and made for the locals. It proved slightly difficult to find somewhere to eat for a tourist.

The Fruit Man
Moroccan B&Q

We then took a horse and carriage ride around the city's ancient walls to see some sites.

I couldn't bear to watch the horse carry us any further so we took a random stroll in town to look at some shops. I found a beautiful furniture shop that I fell in love with and will go back again when I decorate my new house.

How amazing is this chest?

Trying my hand at making argan oil 
For you girls who don't know what argan oil is, it is an oil found only in Morocco and is used for cooking and more famously for beauty. If you have problems of dried frizzy hair, this product will change your life. I have introduced it to many friends of mine and they are all very thankful. It is also great for your skin.

And not too long it was time for lunch at Hotel Dar Zitoune...I am not one who shies away from street food but today I didn't trust it after having seen what I saw during my stroll.

Moroccan meatballs with egg
After lunch we drove back to Agadir and stopped at the Zouk (market) to get some afternoon tea & dessert. A lady was freshly making these right in front of us so we had to take one. It is a Moroccan pancake which I can only describe as 'a pan friend packed down polenta drizzled with honey'. But it's not even polenta it is something else which I am unsure of.

"Let's go watch the sunset from my favourite spot" Saad said after we finished our tea.
"Where is that?"
"Taghazout. It's a small seaside village 20 minutes from here. It's famous amongst surfers because of its huge waves. It's very different from Agadir, don't worry"
"Ok then let's go"

Tagazhout reminds me of what Phuket was like 35 years ago, before all the tourists came flocking in, before the investments from abroad, before 5 star hotels ever existed on the island, before any of that it was just a sleepy fishing town. This is Tagazhout. There are a few B&B for back packers and surfers searching for the perfect wave and getting stoned was a pass time.

"Some American investors has put hundreds of million pound investment in this area" Saad explained as we drove through a small plot that looked like construction was taking place. "They are thinking of building hotels, shops and apartments here". Great, another Agadir I thought.

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