Thursday, 30 May 2013

Mugaritz: 22 Courses Hangover Food

Heads pounding like crazy and dehydration at a severe level when we wake up the next morning. But there was nothing that could stop us from making our lunch at Mugaritz (ranked at number 4 for best restaurant in the world). We finally manage to pull ourselves together and drive safely to lunch. After a disappointing dinner last night at Akelare we desperately hoped this would live up to our expectations.

Right after sitting down we were whisked off for a tour of the kitchen so we could watch the chefs work. I loved this. The chefs were all young and very passionate about food and you can tell immediately just by the way they spoke and how engaged they are when explaining food and ingredients to you. 

After the quick tour in the kitchen we take our seats. Our waiters spoke to us in English so that no body felt left out and he made sure that we were all having fun. I hate stiff restaurants so this was amazing. 
"Today you will get a 22 courses tasting menu. If there is anything you would like us to change please let us know" our waiter said. 
"This is going to be an interesting hangover meal" I hear one of the boys say. 

Remedy. Hair of the dog.
Our cool sommelier. Pure. 
Have you ever eaten rocks?
Just kidding! It's a potato rock

All lobster

 Ten courses down and 3 bottles of wine later we were feeling much better. The waiter came over and told us that he had a game for us to play. Who ever guessed the correct number of pebbles on the table wins a generous serving of caviar. Greed took over me immediately and I desperately wanted to win. I didn't. Armenio won but being the gentleman that he was he shared half his winnings with me.

The winner and his prize
Supposed to feel like Shark fin 

18 courses had passed and it was time for dessert. Our hangover state had turned back into drunk again. Our waiter asked if we would like to take our dessert courses outside in the garden so we can enjoy the late afternoon sun. It's like they are reading our minds!

Wine over. Back to G&T.
The best gin and tonic I've ever had. Not sure what leaf it is though
Saad reviewing the leaf

Our last dessert. 7 tier for the 7 sins. We had to guess which sins belong to which dessert.

Happily full and tipsy we were feeling very happy that afternoon. It will be a meal I shall never forget. Not only was the food amazing and innovative but it was the experience that you feel when you dine here. You feel part of something special. The only time I have ever felt like this was when I dined at Noma. If you are ever in the Basque Country, do whatever it takes to get a reservation here. You will not regret.

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