Tuesday, 28 May 2013

San Sebastian Day 1

This pass weekend we went on a culinary trip to San Sebastian, a beautiful seaside town in the Basque Country famous for having the highest density of Michelin Stars per square meter. The north of Spain is known for its food and this is exactly why we have come. Apart from what we saw during our car rides, we did absolutely no sightseeing. Our day consisted of eating, drinking, more eating, more drinking and sleeping. 

Our first stop is a beautiful riverside restaurant called Bedua in Zumaia (20 mins drive from San Seb) that Carlos claims serves the best meat in the world (I know, very bold. Argentines beware). The restaurant's ingredients are as organic as can be. They grow everything themselves and even breed their own cows for meat and ducks for foie gras. Unfortunately I don't eat steak or beef that raw but I did hear a lot of 'mmmm' and 'oh my god' from the boys. Hahaha I just reread that sentence and it made me laugh. 

Growing their own salad

The best roasted peppers I've ever had in my life!!
Fried milk

After the long boozy lunch we head back to San Sebastian to get ready for our dinner at Akelarre a 3 michelin star restaurant. Now I am not here to sugar coat anything, but I can't say I was excited by the food here. In fact I was actually very surprised it has 3 stars, I would award it 1 if I were feeling generous. The staff I felt were a little unprofessional and not up to the standard I would expect from a 3 starred restaurant. They did not explain the food to us in English and left it to our Spanish friends to do the job for them. The food was mediocre and did not excite me or my fellow diners. None of the dishes got us talking. The best thing about the place though is it's view, but then again by 9:30pm the sun is down and you are left with a boring dining room with very cheap looking chairs. 

10 seconds to sunset

Chef Pedro Subijana of Akelare
Four hours had passed and we couldn't wait to get the hell out of there. We went to a bar and got smashed. Some more than others...

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