Friday, 14 June 2013


I've had so many friends rave to me about Dinings for years that it is the best sushi in London hands down and that Zuma and Nobu etc are no where near as good. Hearing this of course makes me very excited, I am a huge sushi fan! So on Wednesday Miss Sharp (also a big foodie) and I decided it was time for us to check it out. We were texting each other all afternoon whilst reading the menu online about how excited we were to finally try it. Two of the head chefs both had come from Nobu to open their own restaurant.

Unfortunately, that excitement only lasted till our first course. We ordered seabass carpaccio with ponzu jelly and fresh grated truffles. What's not to like about that? But the sauce was way too sour that we hardly tasted the fish or the truffle. I do have to give them credit for their presentation and the generous serving of truffle. 20 quid down and it was meh. No worries though, we still had more dishes to come.

More dishes came and we were still not blown away, the wagyu beef did not really melt in your mouth as it should (the wagyu beef at Chisou is better), the chilli black cod although cooked well does not taste as good as the miso type. The better dishes were the sushi rolls, but even then it was probably on par with the ones served in Nobu. Don't get me wrong, I am usually rooting for underdog restaurants, I would prefer to go to lower key restaurants for sushi such as Kappa because you get better value for money.

I am not saying the food here is bad, but it was no where near what I was expecting. On paper everything looks so amazingly good on the menu. I felt like Yashin over all is much better with innovative and taste. Maybe I had such high expectations from everyone telling me? Miss Sharp and I sat there confused for a while. Is it maybe something wrong with us? The restaurant is packed, there are queues forming at the bar, why are we not going crazy for this food? Did we not order the right things on the menu? I know there are a lot of regulars to Dinings out there. Maybe you can shed me some light?

This was probably my fav: Eel and foie gras

I have to say creme brûlée and green tea ice cream goes exceptionally well

This chocolate fondant was very good but not as good as the one at Zuma

200 pounds down (no alcohol, only green tea) and still feeling hungry at the end of our dinner, I don't think I will be returning here again.

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