Tuesday, 18 June 2013

English Countryside

On Wednesday I started watching Downton Abbey season one episode one. 24 hours later I had started on season 2 and not even sure if I gave myself time to eat. It inspired me to speak English in the old aristocratic manner, so subtle and elegant. And when arguing, never be seen raising your voice but yet the impact of your words are just as insulting. Turns out I'm not quite that patient nor clever so I will stick to the way I normally speak.

On Saturday Saad and I went to the countryside! I miss the English country so much and sometimes I forget how beautiful it is. True to itself, it was rainy and grey the whole weekend but we didn't let that dampen our moods. This weekend though was my thank you present to him for always spoiling me all year. I booked us a room at this beautiful hotel for the night.

Flowers in the lobby

We checked in and saw that it started to rain, so we looked through the activities book and I saw that one of the near by attractions is the castle that is featured in Downton Abbey! I called down to concierge to organise but turns out they are closed for filming. Over the weekend I also learnt that there are a few michelin pubs in the area but it was too late for us to book. It made me a little angry that I didn't do more planing but this will only mean that I will have to come back again.

When the rain stopped we went for a long country walk before supper. The hotel gave us some wellies and equipped us with an umbrella (which came in handy) and a bottle of water. The hotel sits on 500 acre piece of land, we will definitely not run out of walks while we are here. Here are some shots we took from our walk.


My trench coat is from Aquascutum

After the 2 mile walk we kicked off our wellies and went for a well deserve drink before dinner.

My Earl Grey Martini

Aperol Spritz my fav

We had dinner in one of the hotel's restaurants. And then it was time for bedfordshire.

The next morning we had a quick breakfast and spent the rest of Sunday in the spa. It was the perfect weekend.

My 90 mins massage
So oily now

Re-hydration after our spa session

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  1. looks like an amazing weekend! I love the picture of the flavoured waters, I make them like crazy lately, so refreshing! x

    1. They are so refreshing especially now for the summer. What's your favourite combo in the water?