Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Ibiza: Amante Beach Club

I've been a bad blogger. I spent 4 days in Ibiza and hardly took any photos which means that I have very little to show you. This past weekend would have been my 9th time to the island and if I am being completely honest I was starting to get bored of the same routine and places we go. Which was probably why I didn't take that many photos. But my love for deep house always some how pulls me back. Next time, I definitely need to start exploring less well known parts of the island. Shit, maybe I'm getting old.(I will do a separate blog this week on my guide to Ibiza and restaurants I recommend, especially aimed at Ibiza virgins)

View from our apartment
Beach at El Chiringuito
Blue Marlin
After a drunken Saturday and Sunday at Blue Marlin (beach club) we decided that on our last day we wanted to concentrate on relaxing and working on our tan. No alcohol. So we jumped in a cab and went to Amante Beach Club. As soon as we arrive we instantly felt relaxed. It was not jam pack of people and more importantly it was not full of girls dressing in inappropriate beach wear. No babe, gold chains and stilettos are not supposed to be worn on the beach. Neither is your face that is full of make up.

Our waiter showed us to our sun loungers and we ordered breakfast.

Ice Cappuccino 

The girls started to feel hot so went for a quick dip in the water below.

Soon our stomach started to rumble so we head over to the restaurant area and sat down for lunch. Oh boy, this was the high light of our day. I love that I travel with girls who love food and love to eat. The food here is sooo good! You will understand once you see the photos..



Roasted vegetables & grilled goats cheese

oh em gee. lobster paella.

After having digested from lunch Ece and I decided to get a massage. I left my camera with monkey hands and when I returned I discovered that they had been fooling around.

Because Amante is set on a side of a rock, the sun disappears out of sight earlier in the day at 6:30pm, which normally would annoy us but because we had a flight to catch it actually worked out pretty well.

Heading home...

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