Friday, 21 June 2013

The Disappearing Dining Club

Saad has been moaning that we never go out in East London. He's sick of Chelsea you see, and I can understand why. So on Friday I did a quick restaurant search and came across a tiny hole in the wall restaurant called 'Be Back in 5 Minutes' in Bricklane. To call it restaurant would be a slight over statement but we will stick to this word for now.

Secret restaurant hidden behind this shop

The restaurant is at the back of a clothes shop. You think the curtains are the entrance to a changing room but it actually opens up into a dark room at the back of the shop. The room is lit up by very dim lights and a few candles. It feels instantly intimate and secretive. There is only 1 lady serving and there are 3 big tables so you will most likely have to share your table with someone.

The menu is small and simple. You choose to have a 3 or 4 course dinner for a set price of between 30-35 pounds which I thought was a bit expensive considering how simple the food is. Thankfully every dish was good and felt very much like home cooking.

Duck on toast

Crab salad

Mackerel and mash

Asparagus and cheese tart

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